Heavy Metal Hippie Chick

Home of Head Bangin’ Music and Rockin’ Clothes!

My name is Jennifer and I love my music! Some may say I’m Narrow Minded, but some music just grooves with me, from feeling meditative while zoning out to Pink Floyd, to Rockin’ out to Slayer or Mushroomhead while I clean the house. I have two extreme sides, the mellow, peace and nature loving side who gets in a comfortable spot in my head with the Classic Rock, and the extremely intense, very active side full of adrenaline ready for a mosh pit filled concert and some bad ass Heavy Metal!

I decided to put a page together for people like me,and I know I’m not the only chick out there who wants band apparel just for chicks, so I’ve done some research, and this is what I’ve come up with so far, but I am always on a mission, so as I find new things I will bring them to you here! I have even found baby clothes with very cool bands! I hope you enjoy the site, ROCK ON!!

 Shop summer style


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